Welcome to Franky's Bowtique

Wow, I made an attempt to start blogging back in August 2023. I best get my finger out my ass and crack on with this blog thing.

It is probably a good start to introduce ourselves and tell you who the hell we are!

We are Franky's Bowtique. Founded and owned by Kerry Whitney. We are a dog accessories business, based in the North East of UK. We aren't your average pet accessories business. We are passionate about being unique and offering something different to the pet industry. You will NOT find cute, pink, fuzzy pet accessories here! Oh no, no, no! We offer sweary, edgy, funny, very risque` alternatives.  

When I got my first dog, in 2016. I started making him bow ties, which started as a hobby. There was nothing quite like what I was creating back then. I tried so many different ways of creating accessories, until I finally found my voice and what made Franky's Bowtique. Seems there was a market for dropping the most offensive swear words onto bow ties. These would become Badge Bows. 

We pride ourselves in great quality pet bow ties, that are enjoyed all over the world, by dogs and cats too! So good, that we have had our products stocked in Pets at home. 

One of the biggest things that we are proud of, is our products are manufactured in the UK. We also make a conscious effort to buy our supplies from other British businesses. Most of our fabrics are designed in the UK and even printed in the UK. 

We have so much on the way. You can find us across all social media platforms. So check us out and keep updated on 

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